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Q1: When can I register the courses for my academic programme?

All students must register every course taken each semester.  Students must consult academic advisor before registering any course. All course registration must be done before the compulsory registration period ends.

Q2: Can I amend the course that I have registered?

Students are permitted to add or drop courses within the stipulated period.

Q3: What is the minimum and maximum credits of courses that I can register each semester?

A student must take at least 12 credits in each semester including compulsory course (HW). Courses registered with attendance only (HS) status are not included in the grade calculation.

The maximum credit that can be taken is 19 credits including compulsory course (HW). However, the student must get permission from the Dean if they want to take more than 19 credits.

Students who obtain CPA<2.00 must take not more than 12 credit hours including compulsory course (HW) in the next semester.

Q4: What is the courses withdrawal procedure?

A student can apply for courses withdrawal from any registered courses from week three (3) until Friday of week nine (9).

Permission for students to withdraw from courses is subject to the total minimum credits, except with Dean’s approval.

Q5: In what circumstances that I am allowed to extend or postpone my study?

Students who are ill as confirmed by the University or government hospital medical officer can apply to defer study. The maximum period for deferment is two semesters for each application. The deferred semester will not be considered in study period count.   

Application to defer study other than health reasons can also be considered. The deferment period is one semester for each application. This deferred semester will be considered in study period count. The application must be made before Friday of week nine (9) of study.

Q6: How could I get financial assistance to support my study?

Students could refer and apply financial assistance for the study from Jabatan Hal Ehwal Pelajar & Alumni (JHEPA) through the website




Q1. How is the class scheduled?

Each class is scheduled 3 hours per week. On weekdays, the classes are conducted from 8.00pm to 11.00pm; and on the classes will be conducted with the duration of 3 hours for each class. In UMP, each course has 3 credit hours which is equivalent to 3 contact hours. In addition, discussions are sometimes made via online through KALAM with their lecturers.

Q2. What are the educational methods utilized in the program?

The course in UMP MBA usually utilizes several educational methods such as case studies, group discussions, group projects, industrial visits, problem-based learning, guest lectures, and forum discussion. In additional, MBA CEO Talk is carried out every year to discuss methods on how to transform executives who enroll in the MBA program into highly competent managers. The invited speakers are usually CEOs from prominent industries.

Q3. I have a job offer in Kuala Lumpur and intend to continue my studies in UMP MBA Bioeconomy in Kuala Lumpur. Will that be possible?

Current students can continue their studies in Kuala Lumpur with a solid reason. However, they have to take any of the 5 elective courses in UMP Gambang before continuing their studies in Kuala Lumpur. This is because core courses are only allowed to be taken in Kuala Lumpur. For some cases, if students wish to take elective courses in Kuala Lumpur, they need to complete all five elective courses provided, which are; Project Management in BioBusiness, Contemporary Issues in Biotechnology, Supply Chain in Biobusiness, Product Development and Commercialization and Global Biobusiness Innovation.

Q4. Does being a part time student means the student can only take weekend classes?

UMP MBA does not offer weekend classes exclusively for part time students. In this context, a part time student means that the student is required to take not less than six (6) credits or 2 subjects per semester. The maximum number of credits can be taken per semester is 12 credits. However, the student can seek approval from the Dean to take more than 12 credits but not more than 15 credits per semester. This is also stated in Section 8.3, Rules and Regulation by Coursework from Institute of Postgraduate Studies (IPS), Page 11.

Q5. How is the grading system in UMP MBA?

Students’ performance can be classified using the Performance Indicator shown below. This table demonstrates the link between marks, grade and point average.




Point Average

80 - 100



75 - 79



70 – 74



65 – 69



60 – 64



55 – 59



50 – 54



0 – 49




In general, the passing grade for any courses is ‘B-‘. However, the passing grade for a certain course is subjected to the Faculty with the approval of the Senate. This is also stated in Section 9, Rules and Regulation by Coursework from Institute of Postgraduate Studies (IPS), Page 14.



Q1: Can I access KALAM via handphone?

Yes. KALAM can be accessed via handphone after the Moodle Mobile App has been installed. For detail steps refer to ‘User Manual for Moodle Mobile’ at

Q2: How to access KALAM?

There are two ways to access KALAM.

  1. Via E-Comm: Click on the KALAM icon.
  2. Direct url:



Q1: Who can advise me on academic matters during my study in UMP?

Every student will have one Academic Advisor for the whole study period. Student can refer to Academic Advisor on any issues related to academic matters.

Q2: Should I maintain my academic and student activities record during my study in UMP?

Yes. Students should maintain and filing their own record on academic and student activities. This is important for process of approving the student record in Student Profiling System (SPS) by the Academic Advisor.

Q3: What are the student activities I can join in UMP?

There are a lot of activities and events for students at the UMP. It covering a broad range of subjects and interests, ranging from societies, clubs, sports, student-run groups and more.

Further information on societies can visit

Q4: Is there any student society registered under the faculty?

Yes. Industrial Management Professional Student Society (IMPRESS) is the student society that represent the Faculty of Industrial Management which actively conduct yearly activities such as academic excellence awards, dinner, sports day, and more.

Q5: What can I contribute to the faculty as alumni?

It is important for alumni not only to stay connected but also remain informed about the things faculty are up to so that you can better represent the faculty. Alumni can contribute in a variety of ways. You can join forums, become Industrial Advisory Panel, engage with student activities and more. These contributions do not require a large time commitment, but benefit the faculty greatly.




Q1: Where can I get details of overall process of FYP?

Students can get the details of overall process from the flowchart and guideline that will be uploaded to KALAM at the start of the semester by the Coordinator.

Q2: How do I choose my FYP topic and SV?

Students that are taking PSM 1 on their Third Year Semester II may start choosing their FYP topic and SV before the end of their Third Year Semester I. The process is as follows:-

  1. Firstly, students should refer to Research Clusters and identify which cluster they are interested in, and identifying the lecturers in the cluster.
  2. Students should prepare a proposal relating to the cluster of their choice.

iii. Students submit the proposal to the SV of their choice.

  1. SV will then decide to accept or reject the students as their PSM students.
v. If rejected, students need to find another SV.

Q3: How can I certain that my FYP topic is not redundant to other student?

During the submission of proposal, students are required to get the signature of Head of Programme and SV for Form A1 – Project Title Form. The Head of Programme will provide their comment of redundancy of amendment’s on the form. However, after the submission, the Coordinator will publish the list of FYP titles of currents students with comments that should be taken account by the students. Students can also refer to the list to check for any redundancy.

Q4: How should I produce FYP report?

Students should refer to UMP Thesis Guide from Institute of Postgraduate Studies (IPS) for the report format.

Q5: How frequent should I meet my SV?

Students should at least 10 times per semester with SV.

Q6: Is there any limit no of student for each SV?

There is a limit for each SV; however, it depends whether the lecturer is holding a post as a Dean, Deputy Dean of Academic or Research, Head of Programmes and Coordinators in the faculty or holding external posts.

Q7: What is the plagiarism rule for the FYP?

Student’s report must be submitted into the Turnitin by their SV, and the Turnitin report must be submitted through KALAM by the students during PSM 2. The Turnitin report should not exceed 30%.



Q1: What is the requirement to go for LI?

Students must pass all the required subjects with “Kedudukan Baik” (KB) or “Kedudukan Cemerlang” (KC). – ( Total 108 credit hours).

Q2: Do students entitle for Leave during LI?

LI students are not entitle to any except leaves that given by the company itself like shut down during Hari Raya or Chinese New Year.

In an emergency case, students should apply with the company according to company’s procedure (e.g.: close relative passed away).

Q3: Does the student allowed to change our LI company?

Students are not allowed to change their LI company except on extreme circumstances, example:

  • The job scope given are totally irrelevant with their program and have no value at all.
  • The company has no jobs for them.
  • The company goes bankrupt.

Q4: How the students been assessed for LI?

The students will be assessed by both the Industrial supervisor and University supervisor based on:

  • The performance and marks are given in Logbook and form C.
  • The LI Presentation
  • The LI Report.

Q5: What document student need to submit to the faculty after LI?

Students need to submit:

  • The LI report- soft copy – in CD ( 2 copies – 1 for faculty , 1 for industrial supervisor)
  • The LI report- soft copy – in CD ( 2 copies – 1 for faculty , 1 for industrial supervisor)
  • The LOG Book

Q6: What is the method to send the reports?

It can be sent both either by hand or courier.

Q7: Can student send a resume or attend an interview during LI?

Yes. you are allowed to do but need to follow company procedure.

Jabatan Jaringan Industri & Kemasyarakatan (JJIM) will blast student resume to respective industry however student must have their initiative to send it by themselves.

Q8: Are students allow to accept any job offer from company?

YES if the company is a current company and NO if its different company. Please be noted, that students are required to complete 6 months of internship or LI in order to graduate.



Q1. How long does the faculty take to verify the new application for postgraduate studies?

After the application being approved by IPS, the Faculty committee will take approximately one to two months to evaluate the application through the Faculty Postgraduate Committee Meeting. Once the application being approved by Faculty, IPS will issue the offer letter accordingly. 

Q2. What are the postgraduate research areas covered in FIM?

Basically, the applicants can refer to the 8 research clusters of FIM. For the specific topic, the applicant can refer to the potential supervisor in the respective cluster. More details can be seen in FIM website

Q3. What’s the duration for Master and PhD students to complete their study?

Refer to IPS Rule and Guideline for Postgraduate by Research, Section 9 Duration of Candidature.

Q4. Is there any financial aid from Faculty?

The student can refer to his/her supervisor for any research grant available under the supervisor. If needed, the student can be enrolled as research assistant. The student can also refer to the FIM Business Centre for any consultancy project available which is looking for research assistant.

Q5. What are the postgraduate research activities conducted by Faculty?

Besides the activities offered by IPS, the Faculty also conducts colloquium twice a year, research forums, talks, workshops and conferences as well. If there is any activity needed by the postgraduate students, the students can apply for it through the Faculty.

Q6. What are the requirements that need students to fulfill for graduation?

Refer to IPS Rule and Guideline for Postgraduate by Research, Section22 Graduation.

Q7. Does Faculty provide any orientation program? Do I have to attend?

Normally, the orientation program is conducted by IPS in the beginning of the semester and it is compulsory for all the newly registered students to attend.

Q8. How is the quo of international postgraduate students in FIM?

Currently, the Faculty is having a large share of postgraduate students from various foreign countries and the number is keeping on increasing. FIM offers an open friendly culture to welcome the students from all around the world.     




Q1. What is student attendance policy at UMP?

UMP enforces minimum 80% attendance to the class. Fail to attend the class without any valid reasons (student must produce medical certificate, evidences involving with student activities, project survey, industrial visit, sport etc.) will be consider as absence. The university is closely monitor student’s attendance throughout the semester.

Q2. What are the consequences if I not met the attendance requirement?

Should any student fail to meet the attendance requirement, the university may take the following actions to the student;

  1. The student will get zero (0) marks for that particular paper. He or she has to repeat the failed paper.
  2. The university may take further action to the student which is the student are not allowed to sit for the final exam

Q3. What should I do if I receive a warning letter/memo due to unsatisfactory attendance to the class?

Student needs to consult his/her academic advisor upon receiving any warning letter or memo from the university due to his/her unsatisfactory attendance. Student needs to provide extensive explanation (with evidence if any) of his/her absence from the class. Prior to this, student needs to meet the respective lecturer to brief and provide explanation on his/her absence from the class.

Q4. What should I do if I couldn’t attend the class?

Student needs to inform the respective lecturer and provide valid reasons on his/her inability to attend the class. Valid reasons should be supported with proper evidence like medical certificate, formal letter on the involvement in student survey, project, site visit, student activities, sport or any legitimate activities recognized by the university. Failure to do so, student can be consider as absence from the class.

Q5. Can I be barred from sitting the final exam?

Yes, the university shall penalise the student with unsatisfactory attendance from attending the final exam after comprehensive investigation had been made and all evidences indicate that the student are absence without reasons.


** Disclaimer: The faculty could change any information provided in the FAQ without prior notice. Please be noted that the main reference relating to UMP academic procedure is Buku Peraturan & Panduan Akademik 2016 which can be reached at