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  • FIM Alumni Chapter is a part of UMP Alumni Association that includes all levels of FIM graduates (undergraduates and postgraduates) in one community. Established since 2013, the Alumni Chapter was known as FTECH Alumni Chapter before re-branding to FIM Alumni Chapter in year 2015. They have gathered over 300 of FIM alumni across Malaysia and the world. The Alumni Chapter acknowledges and recognizes our alumni no matter what stage in their life now and career path chosen; they are always a valued part of the FIM.



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  • The Alumni Chapter inspires lifelong FIM alumni participation, involvement, and commitment towards the advancement of the Faculty as well as the UMP as a whole. We welcome our latest graduates to the alumni community and stay connected by joining and attending alumni events, or any programmes organized by the University. Other than that, FIM Alumni Chapter offers support to your career path and an access to professional and personal development with alumni community.
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