FIM - Official Portal



  • Vision:
    “Becoming the Preeminent Industrial Management consultants”


    • FIM Business Center contribute to UMP’s yearly revenue generation target
    • FIM Business Center is recognized by Malaysian government agencies, government link companies, private companies and local communities.
    • FIM Business Consultants make positive impact in eastern region socio-economic development
    • Fim business consultants achieve their personal development and professional growth.



    • FIM Business Center provides consultation services and trainings to external clients utilizing the competency and expertise available in Faculty of Industrial Management & its networks

    • Generates revenue for UMP consistently

    • Expose FIM Consultants with latest business development and technology trend in the industry.




    • FIM Business Center is capable of providing ‘One Stop Solution’ for wide range of industrial and business management solutions.
    • FIM Consultants has the breadth of knowledge and technical know-how to assist organizations and companies to resolve business issues and challenges.
    • FIM Business Center is the key partner in enabling new business start-up and future growth.
    • FIM business solution is scalable and affordable with ‘Win-Win’ business engagement as the top priority for both Client and FIM Business Center.
    • The area of expertise includes supply chain networks, new business enabling, business re-engineering, operational excellence, lean manufacturing, industrial logistics, human resource and organizational development.

    • Customer orientation is the key value for FIM Business Center.
    • As illustrated in the engagement model, customer or client is at the center of all business engagement activities.
    • Collaboration and collective success are important values for FIM Business Center.
    • Close partnership with Advisor Panel, UMP Holding and other Faculties in UMP is paramount to the success of FIM Business Center.