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Research Spotlight

 Some of our recent achievements:

    1 Dr. Fatimah bt Mahmud Empirical Analysis on the Critical Success Factor for Benchmarking Implementation in Palm Oil Industry UMP (Research Grant 9th Cycle)
    2 Dr. Shahryar Sorooshian A New Muti-Approach-Criteria Analysis System for performance of Malaysian Small and Medium Enterprises KPT (FRGS)
    3 Wan Nazrul Helmy bin Wan Mohd Zain The Tengku Puan of Pahang and the Monarchy: Three Decades of Development 1986-2015 UMP (Research Grant 9th Cycle)
    4 Mohd Hanafiah b Ahmad The Influence of Culture on Perception of Fairness on Assessment Centres for Staff Selection UMP (Research Grant 9th Cycle)
    6 Mazita bt Mokhtar Quality Control at the Farm Level in Producing High Quality Herbal Raw Material Product in Malaysia UMP (Research Grant 9th Cycle)
    7 Dr. Ali Asghar Jomah Adham An Integrated Method to Modify the Transportation System in Malaysia UMP (Research Grant 9th Cycle)
    5 Mohd Hanafiah b Ahmad The effectiveness and competitiveness of Pahang Skills Development Center in producing skill labour Contract Research
    8 Ida Rizyani bt Tahir Sustainable Entrepreneurship (SE) and Business Performance in Malaysia Halal Food Industry using 3Ps (Sustainability Model) RDU Research Grant
    9 Zarith Sufia binti Azlan Emprical Study on the Green Building Index (GBI) Certified Projects among Malaysian Developers UMP Research Grant
    1 Mr. Azizan Hj. Azit Determining Factors Affecting Sales Performance: the Effects of Experience, Communication Skill, Level of Knowledge and Technological Assistance RDU Research Grant
    2 Dr. Shahryar Sorooshian Adoption of Lean Tools for Construction Projects RDU Research Grant
    3 Dr. Puteri Fadzline Tamyez The Effects of Entrepreneurial Competencies and Networks Towards the Success of Construction Firm in Malaysia RDU Research Grant
    4 Pn. Fadzida Ismail The Interconnection between Contractors' Bidding Considerations and JKR (Jabatan Krja Raya) Tender Evaluiation Factors RDU Research Grant
    5 Dr. Liu Yao Leader's Personality, Leadership Style and Subordinates'ss Job Performance in Malaysia Industrila Context RDU Research Grant