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    07/2009- 02/2012   University Malaysia Pahang  

    Ph.D. (Technology Management)


    09/2005-07/2007   Huazhong University of Science and Technology             

    MSc (The World Economy) 


    04/2003-06/2005   Huazhong University of Science and Technology                

    BA (English Language)


    09/2001-06/2005   Wuhan University of Technology            

    BSc (The International Economics and Trade)  


    2012 - Now   Senior Lecturer at Faculty of Industrial Management, University Malaysia Pahang

    2009 - 2012  Tutor in Faculty of Technology, UMP

    2007 - 2008   English Editor in Shenzhen Investoday Information Co.Ltd., Shenzhen, China         

    2006 - 2007   Manager Assistant, in Saudi-Wuhan M&W International Co. Ltd., Wuhan, China            


    Knowledge management

    Performance evaluation

    Management of technology

    Human resource management

    Behavior development



    International trade

    Supply Chain management, etc.



    1. Project Leader ---- UMP Research Project RDU 150307: Leader's Personality, Leadership Style and Subordinates' Job Performance in Malaysia Industrial Context (In Progress)

    2. Member ---- UMP Research Project RDU 150304: Adoption of Lean Tools for Construction Projects (In Progress)

    3. Project Leader ---- UMP Research Grant GRS150362: Empirical Study on Developing Brand Knowledge Management Framework towards Creativity and Organizational Performance in Malaysia (In Progress)

    4. Project Leader ---- UMP Research Grant GRS1403146: Study of the Moderating Effects of Creativity on the Role of Logistics Knowledge Management in Malaysia’s E-business Developments (In Progress) 

    5. Member---- FRGS RDU150107 Enhancing Radical Design Innovation in the Malaysian Furniture Industry (In progress)

    6. Project Leader ---- UMP Flagship Grant RDU160301: Market Research towards Business Model for commercializing Keratin from Chicken Feathers, (RM39,230.00) In progress

    7. Member ---- UMP Flagship Grant RDU160302: a clulster study for a Bio-aromatic park in Pahang (RM43,630.00) In progress



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  • International Business (MBA),
    Principles of Economics
    Managing Human capital,
    Management of Technology,
    Research Methodology,
    Mathematics and Management, Project Planning and Control