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    Master of Business Administration (Universiti Utara Malaysia)

    Bachelor Science in Business Administration [Tourism Management](University of Colorado at Boulder, US)

    Diploma in Tourism Management (Universiti Teknologi Mara)



    A lecturer with 18 years academic and 3 years industrial experience.
    Worked as Marketing Executive Officer, Sales Executives in Hospitality Industry.
    Certified trainer of Human Resource Department Fund (HRDF)

    Service Management
    Marketing Management
    Relationship Marketing
    Organizational Behavior


    Development of Ecosystem in Teaching Style and Curriculum of Entrepreneurship Education

    Maintaining and Sustaining Task Performance Using Strategic Thinking in Process Orientation

    Vendors Development In An Automotive Industry : Designing A Training Module to Enhance Supply Management Chain Practice

    Kajian Impak Rancangan Tempatan Daerah (RTD) Pekan

    Enhancing An English Communication And Storytelling Techniques Module For Permata Negara Programme

    Sustainable Entrepreneurship (SE) and Business Performance in Malaysia Halal Food Industry using 3Ps (Sustainability Model)

    A Study Of The Management System In The Financial Sector By Utilising The Service Science, Mangement and Engineering (SSME) Concept

    Program Peningkatan Pengetahuan dan Kemahiran Pengurusan organisasi dan Pembangunan Modal Insan Belia Persatuan Sinar Baru Bukit Kening, Kampung Rancangan Perumahan Selepas Banjir (RPSB) Bukit Kening, Chenor, Maran, Pahang

    Development of English for Academic Purpose (EAP) Proposal Writing Course For Engineering Students

    Training Needs Analysis (TNA) Of Service Management Requirements In Malaysian Industries - In Search Of The Right Service Managr Job Qualification And Excellent Work Criteria

    A Study Of The Management System In The Healthcare Sector By Utilising The Service Science, Mangement and Engineering (SSME) Concept

    Professional Development Programme For Zon Timur And Zon Barat Preschool Educators Of Persatuan Pengasuh Negeri Pahang: Communication English And Effective Storytelling Techniques


    Anita Abdul Rani, Airin Abdul Ghani and Shamsudin Ahmad. (2013) "The Impact of Spiritual Intelligence in Reducing Job Stress: Case studies in Malaysia University of East Coast of Malaysia" The Macrotheme Review.

    Negotiation Skills. Professional Skills Kit for UMP Undergraduates (2007) UMP

    Siti Airin Abdul Ghani, Ida Rizyani TAHIR, Mohd Hanafiah AHMAD and Hasahudin HASSAN, “An Assessment of Entrepreneurial Traits for Technical University Students to be Competent Young Technopreneurs”, Presented in Annual International Conference on Global Business (ICGB2009), 10-13 May, 2009, Dubai, United Arab Emirates.Awarded for Best Paper Presented on Technopreneurship.

    Ida Rizyani TAHIR and Siti Airin ABDUL GHANI, "Factors Affecting Malaysian Women Entrepreneurs Performance in SME Industry", Accepted for Presentation in ENPower, 22-23 January, 2009, Manipal, India.

    Siti Airin Abdul Ghani, Ida Rizyani TAHIR, Mohd Hanafiah AHMAD and Hasahudin HASSAN, “Developing Course And Module For Nurturing Technopreneurship Among Engineering Undergraduates”, Presented for Poster Presentation in Going Global 3: The UK’s International Education Conference, 4-5 December, 2008, London, United Kingdom.

    Ida Rizyani TAHIR, Mohd Nubli Abdul Wahab, Siti Airin Abdul Ghani, Mohd Hanafiah AHMAD and Hasahudin HASSAN, “Nurturing Young Technopreneur: A Profiling to Analyze Competency among Technical Based University Students”, Presented in the 5th International Symposium on Business Administration, 422-23 May, 2008, Canakkale, Turkey. 

  • Principles of Management
    Project Portfolio Management
    Fundamental of Marketing
    Marketing Intelligence
    Managing Business Intelligence
    Industrial Management
    Industrial Psychology
    Organizational Behavior
    Engineering Entrepreneurship