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Hi! Guys,

Welcome to the Faculty of Industrial Management (FIM) and we are delighted that you have chosen to visit our website.

Though newly-established, FIM has distinguished itself from among many business faculties or schools. We strive to nurture future innovative leaders by applying business and technological knowledge. We are committed to provide enriching teaching and learning experience through the integration of business and technology.

The learning experience is student-centered and problem-based. This is to engage and enable students to explore their interests and capabilities as well as to develop their full intellectual and human potential so that they could contribute to the dynamic and robust needs of the society. FIM is also research-oriented, with close ties to businesses and industries. It is home to eight scientific research clusters covering Supply Chain, Operation, Project Management, Finance and Accounting, Business Management, Strategic Leadership & Governance, Computing and Modeling, and Entrepreneurship.

FIM provides a dynamic, flexible climate with staff who is experts in their fields who are committed to expand students’ knowledge, cultivate their innovative attitudes and ethical behaviors and provide them with professional values, skills, and lifelong learning habits. 


Yours Faithfully,


Dr. Mohd Ridzuan Bin Darun


Faculty of Industrial Management

Universiti Malaysia Pahang