This program aims to nurture Project Management Professionals who have the knowledge, skills and enduring aspirations for embracing challenges to deliver efficient and desired project outcomes.


Programme Educational Outcome (PEO)

PEO 1: To produce graduates with advanced project management knowledge and skills for the effective leadership and managerial competency.

PEO 2: To enhance decision making capabilities of graduates to contribute to sustainable solutions for delivering successful projects.

PEO 3: To develop high professional and ethical values in graduates for their continuous career development and to meet the future needs of the industry.

Programme Learning Outcome (PLO)
Programme Duration
Core and Elective Courses

Core Courses:

Semester 1:

  • KPM1103 Research Methodology
  • KPM1113 Project Management Principles & Practices
  • KPM1123 Cost Management & Control
  • KPM1133 Law and Ethics in Project Management

Semester 2:

  • KPM2103 Project - I
  • KPM2113 Project Management Information System
  • KPM2123 Quality Management & Control
  • KPM2133 Strategic Management
  • Elective - 1

Semester 3:

  • KPM3103 Project - II
  • KPM3113 Risk Management & Control
  • KPM3123 Contract Management
  • KPM3133 Leadership & Organizational Behavior
  • Elective - 2


Electives Courses:

  • KPM2213 Business Analysis of Projects
  • KPM2223 Lean Manufacturing
  • KPM2233 IT Project Governance
  • KPM3213 Occupational, Safety & Health
  • KPM3223 Supply Chain in Projects
  • KPM3233 Managing COnstruction Project using BIM
Entry Requirements
Career Paths

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