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University Malaysia Pahang’s Master of Business Administration Program is customized to serve you, working professionals that have decided to launch or propel their professional careers in becoming competent managers. The program integrates theory, real-world practice and personal experience to develop leaders who can address complex problems, both systematically and creatively, to improve business and management practice. There are two options that you can choose either in-campus or off-campus.

The MBA program in-campus aims to produce business leaders in engineering and technology, while the off-campus provides competencies of national bio-based technology workforce with better understanding in business aspects. Tailoring our graduates with the needs of present job market, our curriculums are designed to meet the standards set by Ministry of Education, the Malaysian Qualifications Agency. Operating from our campus is Gambang, MBA is the right choice in where the curriculum focus on enhancing the capabilities of our students to become highly competent professionals and future global players. UMP MBA has received full school membership by The Alliance on Business Education and Scholarship for Tomorrow (ABEST21) on 2nd of March 2016. This full membership is for business schools striving to provide the high quality of management education.


To nurture future innovative leaders through applying business and technological knowledge.


Integrates theory, real-world practice, and personal experience to graduate competent learners who can improve business and management practices sustainably.


Programme Educational Outcome

1 - Leadership and managerial competencies - Acquire leadership and managerial competencies to improve business and management practices sustainably
(leadership & managerial competencies)

2 - Theory and practice application - Transfer knowledge and skills gained from classroom to workplace and vice versa
(theory-practice application)

3 - Career development -Graduates achieve their career aspirations through the specialization areas
(career development)

4 - Problem Solving - Graduates are able to solve industrial problem at their workplace
(problem solving)

Programme Outcome
Entry Requirements
Fees and Funding


Domestic student : RM375 per credit hour + admin fees (Approx. RM19,300)

International student : RM525 (USD169) per credit hour + admin fees (Approx. RM26,590)


Domestic student : RM500 per credit hour + admin fees (Approx. RM24,950)

Financial Aid

Creating Business Experts



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