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Vision 2020 “Malaysia is to be a fully developed country, with a confident society, infused with strong moral and ethical values, living in a society that is democratic, liberal and tolerant, caring, economically just and equitable, progressive and prosperous and in full possession of an economy that is competitive, dynamic, robust and resilient.”

To achieve Vision 2020, the government has embarked amongst others, the New Economic Model, the 10th Malaysia Plan (2011-2015), and the Government Transformation Program.
Changes are being made to the government’s systems and machineries to address issues and problems which are related to economic, social performance and the delivery of public services.
Issues of Governance and Ethics are important to engineers as well as to management. This is because engineers, as the middle
management decision makers, should not only be concerned about the process and the quality of final output of their product, but they also need to be particular about how the company is doing in terms of dollars and cents, morality and law.
Issues of over-run cost of production or pilferages and the effect of production to the environment and human capital are near to the concepts of audit, governance of ethics and integrity. 
This also is to mean that although innovation and technology is the trust, engineers should also incorporate human values into this environment.
The ethical action of managers directly affects the ethical direction and health of organizations. Understanding of ethical values could provide a basis for altering managerial behaviour.


1. To conduct research on governance, integrity and related issues

2. To provide a platform between industry and academia to discuss issues pertaining governance and integrity

3. To conduct training programmes to public to increase understanding and appreciate importance of governance and integrity issues

4. To develop and publish case studies from the research conducted, which can then be used in teaching and training

5. To publish reports and bulletins from research and activities conducted on governance and integrity by the unit which can be shared with the public

6. To gather expertise from both academia and industry to assist in discussion and conducting research on this issues.

7. To provide a resource or reference centre on issues pertaining governance, audit and integrity.

8. To be able to produce research proposals to bid for research grants or funding from both public and private sector.

9. To be a conduit in the relationship between the faculty, professional bodies and experts in the area of governance and ethics.

1.Impact study on policies that government has instituted on governance and integrity

2.Market research on policies that government would like to implement

3.Development of a tool kit to assist in measurement of effectiveness of governance and integrity and its related issues.

4.Training and executive development programs on these issues

5.Forums and Seminars on this issues

6.Bidding for research and training programes on these issues

7.Work closely with the professional institutions, academics, public and private sector to resolve issues on governance and integrity


1. Generation of Knowledge:
    •    Contract Research and Consultancy
    •    Executive Development and Training Programs
    •    Research Projects conducted by researchers in the unit and its associate members
2. Dissemination and Sharing of Knowledge:
    •    Governance and Integrity Unit Portal
    •    Forums and Seminars discussing issues of Governance and Ethics
    •    Research Reports, Articles, Case Studies and E-Buletin on issues of governance and ethics
    •    Journal on Governance and Ethics
3. Repository Centre:
    •    Compilation of materials from both local and international sources issues pertaining Governance and Integrity
    •    Providing Databases, Trend Analysis


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